Readymade Shirt Frames

Our Readymade Sports Shirt Frames are ideal for displaying and protecting all
types of shirts such as sports shirts, football shirts, rugby shirts, cricket shirts and
t-shirts. The shirt hangs on the clear acrylic hanger supplied, allowing the shirt to
hang naturally and not having to be pinned or attached to the backboard keeping
your shirt in pristine condition & not affecting the value.
The hanger also enables you to easily fit the shirt yourself.
The mount surround has a 15mm deep box behind it allowing space between the
acrylic front and the background so that the shirt in not pressed up against the front.
All the shirt frames are easy to open to fit your shirt and are supplied with hanging
fixings. All the shirt frames can be ordered in five different sizes, Junior, Adult small,
Adult medium, Adult large & Adult xlarge.
Click on any of the ranges below to view and buy your frame.

Black Box Shirt Frames
Black Box Shirt Frame Black box shirt frame with shirt
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White Box Shirt Frames
White Box Shirt Frame Range White Sports Shirt Frame range
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Silver Box Shirt Frames
Silver Box Frame Range Silver Sports Shirt Frame Range
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Large Brown Box Shirt Frames
Large Brown Box Frame for Sports Shirts Brown Shirt Frame range
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Sports Club and Player frames
Manchester United shirt frame range Club and Player shirt frame range
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Aluminium shirt frames
Aluminium Shirt Frame Range Silver Aluminium Shirt Frame
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