object framing 

Object Framing

object picture framing 
We can frame almost any object.
On the right we have pro-golfer Charley
Hull's golf shoes, which we also added
a couple of photos, some text
and a personally signed card.
We have an acrylic dome which goes
over the top to take the
depth of the shoes.
  Golf Shoes Framed
Golf montage golf montage golf montage
The montage above was framed for a proffesional golf caddy.
The montage included a shirt, bib, pennant, medal and a golf ball from the Rio
olympics. We used a triple mount to pick out the Rio colours and add the depth
that was required to take the items. We have an acrylic holder for the golf ball,
which was used in a hole in one in the olympics, and also acrylic holders for the
olympic medal, so no glue or tapes are used!
Ceramic poppies from the Tower of
London rememberance display.
We framed these three ceramic poppies
in the same frame. There is a deep
black box frame on the back to
take the depth of the poppies.
 jockey silks As well as framing shirts from many
different sports, we can also frame and
display jockey silks.
The display on the left we framed for
a race horse owner which we then hung
in their box at Ascot race course.
It contains the silks, hat and a number
of photos of the horse.
  medals medals framed medal world cup medal
We can also frame all types of medals from military to sports.
The display frame above features an OBE, knighthood and rugby world cup
winning medals along with photos and a gold metal plaque.
The medals are hung loose with just the ribbon being slotted through the board
so there are no glues or adhesives involved, preserving the medals.
The double mount is floated above the back board to give depth to the frame
so that the medals are not pressed up against the glass.
chip board framed chip board framed  The pictures on the left are an example
of the slightly more unusual items we
have framed. A chip board from a
computer framed for Santander.
Whether creating depth to a frame by
either using a very deep frame or by
adding box frames or by adding an
acrylic dome on the front, we can
frame almost any object!