Clarity Glass

We have a new glass Clarity by Larson Juhl invisible, waterwhite and anti-reflective glass. Reduces reflections to less than 1% (the <1% remaining reflection is blue which is more appealing to the eye) and allows viewing of artwork as intended – showing true colours without distortions. Clarity also has 70% UV filtering. For ease of handling, the smooth surface is simple to clean, with a durable and scratch-resistant coating. No special cleaning products are required and both sides of the glass hold the same properties.

Clarity Glass


Regular float glass has a green tint which darkens the image, Clarity glass is a waterwhite float glass offering outstanding colour reproduction.


The Anti-reflective properties of the glass reduce reflections to less than 1%, unlike the normal anti-reflective glass which is acid etched on the surface Clarity glass has no etching leaving it perfectly clear.

UV Properties

Clarity glass also has 70% UV protection reducing the risk of your artwork fading.
There is now also a new higher UV grade Clarity glass offering 92% UV protection.


When you visit our showroom we have Clarity glass on display where you will be able to see how amazing this glass is.